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March 2018 Previews

Sarah BassingthwaighteH20, for soprano, flute, and guitarMy piece is called H2O and will be performed by the Ecco Chamber Ensemble: Sarah Bassingthwaighte, flute; Stacey Mastrian, soprano; Mark Hilliard Wilson, guitar. The piece is written in graphic notation in the shape of a circle and the players rotate the circle as they go through 6 different forms of water: Snow, Droplets, Rain, Storm, Frost, and Ice. There is a lot of guided improvisation used by all of the players. It will be performed on April 21st at SOMA Towers as part of KING-FM’s Resonance Series.sarahbassingthwaighte.comGavin BorchertThree songsSagrada noche (4’)Cuando en el sol (4’)Una vez (7’)Gavin Borchert, piano; Michael Monnikendam, baritoneSome time ago I discovered the song “Nacht und traume” by Schubert, which is now my favorite of all of his. Researching it I stumbled on a beautiful (anonymous) Spanish translation of Matthaus von Collin’s original German text, which itself seemed to beg to be set. To go with it …