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March 6 Salon previews

Clement Reid "Dreams, Improvisations  for Piano, combines sections from an earlier piece, Explorations . These selected movements are examples of reordering of musical material from the earlier piece, that give a kind of floating dream-like impression, in a similar manner as actual dreams seem to reorder and juxtapose experiences and events from reality in a new or unusual way, but with a different image or message. Dreams, Improvisations comprises six movements:  Project, Dream 1, Dream 2, Improvisation, Dream 4, Dream 5." Ann Cummings "How can I  not  own my own composition? When music is fundamentally motion, what keeps everything separate? Is there a continuity to brokenness?" Ann explores these questions with her etude Three of a Kind for String Bass, Banjo, and Piano . Nadya Kadrevis and Jeremy Shaskus Nadya and Jeremy will present a selection from  Trinity,  a work in three parts: creation, destruction, and redemption. Part one will be performed on