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November 2017 previews

Clement ReidRealizations for Horn and PianoI had written “Realizations” for a friend’s son, Carlin Krause, and it began with the notion of seeing a particular circumstance a certain way when young, and arriving at a different point of view after the passage of time. I had tried a technique of adding attacks, one after another for subsequent phrases, starting with three, and eventually arriving at twenty five.Calvin SenterColloquies: Moon, Rain, Sun, Wind, for solo guitarThis is a work in progress to discover a serious conversation with a subject and guitar. I do this to create a tension between what I present and how it will become or relate to a subject such as the moon and then I go from there while playing my guitar to listen to what is there.Here is a link to a video of me playing in the Seattle Guitar Orchestra, an excerpt of Elegy for a church in Seattle in 2017: TruesdellGhost Story, for piano four handsThe germ for my piece happened one mornin…