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September 2017 Salon previews

Cole BratcherTransit Maps, fixed media with projectionThe series of pieces are called Transit Maps Basically I’m collecting transit maps from around the world and converting them into some form or another of parameters for the music, mostly form and instrumentation.The two pieces presented on the salon will be “San Francisco BART” and “Copenhagen S-Train” DegrawDiler, for stringsOne of my favorite ways to produce variation in live performance is through orchestrated failure: providing the musicians with a clearly-defined objective, and then making it as difficult as possible to reach that objective. The music that I personally want to hear lies in the struggle to find, even if the objective is never met. Diler is the latest in my exploration of this concept. A group of violinists and violists is fed a series of wide-ranging pitches through headphones. Each chooses a single string on their instrument and is tasked with matching the reference-pitches, as…