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May 2017 Salon previews

Patrick O’Keefe Morning Stroll , a mostly tonal almost-rondo for saxophone quartet There is an emphasis on quartal intervals and harmonies, some indeterminate and/or poly-tonality, etc., but common practice has not been left very far behind. All in all, it’s pretty typical of my music. It’s not really programmatic, but you can picture someone with a very short attention span going for a walk—being distracted by anything and everything seen on the walk. The work will be performed by the Emerald City Saxophone Quartet: Barbara Hubers-Drake, soprano; Molly Pond, alto; Harold Rosenkrans, tenor; Jim Glass, baritone A computer generated version of this piece, along with other pieces of mine, are on Soundcloud . Jeremiah Lawson Guitar Sonata in A major In 2015 I composed a set of guitar duets I called the Zombie Sonata Rags , where I transformed my favorite themes from the guitar sonatas of Carulli, Diabelli, Giuliani, Matiegka and Sor into the core of rags. Naturally if sonat